What Is Pen Pals?

Pen Pals is a mobile app that you can download on  iOS phones (Android coming soon!).

Pen Pals is a social networking app that allows you make new friends all over the world. Just write a new message using text, photos and/or audio messages. Your message is automatically sent to other Pen Pals worldwide. You'll receive replies to your message as well as new messages sent by other Pen Pals users. 

Tell Me More

Friends make life better.  Unlike most other social networking apps, our goal is to provide and encourage more meaningful interactions between you and other Pen Pals. The foundation of good friendships start with something more compelling than just a “yo” or a “wassup.”  Pen Pals is meant to be warm, inviting and fun; while encouraging the discovery of different types of people, cultures and places you would have otherwise never known. 
We believe in a world where anyone, from anywhere, can become friends. Pen Pals makes the world a little smaller and a lot friendlier for people from all walks of life. 

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