I received a Pen Pals Warning Message. What can I do?

We strive to make Pen Pals a fun, friendly and safe environment for all of our users. For more information, check out our Community Guidelines.

If you received a Pen Pals warning message, your account has violated our  Community Guidelines. Remember - new messages you send are delivered to people of all-ages, backgrounds and cultures. The messages you send out need to be appropriate for our audience.
As a reminder, we ask that you:
-Don’t send content that doesn’t belong to you.
-Don’t send hateful, sexual or mature content.
-Don’t send illegal content.
-Don’t violate our  Terms of Use.
We strongly advise you to delete any additional content on your account immediately that does not adhere to the above guidelines.
These guidelines help make Pen Pals a safe and friendly platform for everyone. If you continue to violate these guidelines, your account might be suspended, deleted or banned without further notice. Bans are permanent and can not be reversed.