Why Didn't I Earn A Particular Passport Stamp?

Tip: Tell your Pen Pals to enable Location Services on their device so other users can earn their country's Passport Stamp.

There are times when you might not earn a Passport Stamp when talking with a Pen Pal from a new country. Here are some possible reasons why:

1. Passport Stamps are only earned after both of you send a message to each other.

2. The other user does not have Location Services enabled on their device. This is pretty easy to tell because the other user won't have a location listed on their profile and their message shows theflag.

3. The other user did not have Location Services enabled on their device when they sent the message. We geo-tag messages when they are actually created and sent out. For instance - let's say you registered for your Pen Pals account in the United States. Your profile would show "United States" (you can update your location anytime by tapping Profile/Settings and refreshing your location). Now, let's say you travel to France and send out a new message. Anyone who replies to that message would earn the France Passport Stamp, since that's where the original message originated from (just like real mail!). So, if you reply to a new message, from a new user in a new country and don't earn the country stamp, it simply means the other user did not have their Location Services enabled when they originally sent out that particular message. 

We know it can be frustrating when you don't earn a shiny new Passport Stamp, but we need to respect other users' privacy when they choose not to enable their location services. Don't worry though - just send out more new messages and we're pretty sure you'll unlock that country Passport Stamp with another Pen Pal very soon!