Why Am I Being Asked To Re-Register My Account?

Tip: Unless you manually deleted your account, your data is safe and you do not need to re-register.

If you log into Pen Pals and are asked to re-register your account (i.e. don't see any of your friends or messages), don't panic - your data is safe 😃

Remember - Pen Pals offers two ways to register when you first signup (via Phone Number or via Facebook). The simplest explanation is you most-likely logged in via the wrong method. 

For example - if you originally registered with your Phone Number but then try logging back into the app via Facebook, the system will not recognize you and will ask you to register for an account.

If you accidentally login via the wrong method, simply delete the app and re-download.

Now, just log back into the app via the method you originally used when you first registered your account and you'll see all of your data, including your friends and messages.