Why Is My Location Not Showing Up?

If your location is not visible on your profile, you'll need to head over to your device settings and enable Location Permissions for the app. You can read more about how to do that for iOS and Android.

More about how we use your Location:

When you first register for your Pen Pals account, we request permission to use your location. We use this information to display your City & Country on your profile so other users can see where you're sending your letter from (If you want, you can hide your City by heading over to the Mail Center. Check out  Hide My City for more details.). We also use location information to award achievement and passport stamps to you and other users.  Don't worry - we don't sell any of your personal information (including your location) to 3rd parties 😎

Please Note: If you don't enable Location Permissions for the app, you won't be able to earn certain stamps.