Invite Friends

You can meet new people around the world by writing new letters. When you send a letter, you'll receive replies from people you've never met before. You can also  invite your friends to join you on Pen Pals. When your friend accepts your invitation, they will automatically be added as your friend so you can chat in the app immediately. 
How it Works:
1. Tap
2. Tap  Invite Friends / Invite Your Friends to Chat
3. Choose how you want to send your invite link.
That’s it! We’ll notify you if your friend accepts your invitation and joins you on your Pen Pals journey. Who knows? You might even be rewarded with a new stamp 😃
Tip: When you use the Invite Friend feature, anyone that uses your invitation to join Pen Pals will automatically be added as your friend and you’ll be able to chat with each other in the app immediately.