Token Expired Error

For your protection, we require you all users to login again after long periods of inactivity. This helps protect your account.

If you see the "TokenExpiredError: jwt expired", don't worry: we just need you to login again. Usually, you can just hard-quit the app and re-login and the error message will go away. If that doesn't work (you still see the error message), follow these steps:

  1. Delete the app
  2. Restart your device. 
  3. Re-install Pen Pals
  4. Login (make sure you login with the same phone number or FB account you used when you originally created your account. If you don't see your messages and the app asks you to register, check out Why Am I Being Asked To Re-Register My Account?)

This is actually not an error and a safeguard to protecting accounts that have not been accessed in a long time. Protecting you is our #1 priority! 😃